From the Secretary/Councilor, Resa Kelly, Spring 2016

Resa Kelly

As the spring meeting in San Diego rapidly approaches, the Division continues to work on a variety of incentives that will attract members to take on service in the Division. For this article I will highlight several of these incentives.

The Division has an annual travel award, typically due in September, to support conference attendance primarily at ACS National Meetings and the Biennial Conference on Chemical Education. The winners of the award receive funds to attend a conference and present their work, in exchange they are asked to attend DivCHED committee meetings that are open to all during the conference, and they are urged to consider applying to serve on a committee that fits their interests.  All applicants are encouraged to serve on Division committees.

The International Activities Committee (IAC) also offers an annual travel award (late fall) to applicants who express interest in attending an international meeting.  This committee is looking to help people attend an international conference, but is also looking for someone who is able to assist the IAC in extending its international outreach to build awareness of the committee and the work that it does. The winner of this award is asked to report back to the IAC on the experience and to apply for membership to the committee or to be engaged in service for the committee. They seek a range of educators – high school, community college, primarily undergraduate serving institutions, etc., all with a goal of deepening awareness for how other cultures engage in/with chemical education.

Some committees, such as the Younger Chemists Education Scholars (YCES) have sought funds to assist their members to attend ACS meetings. They are able to provide incentives that can assist their members with attending meetings to defray the cost of these conferences.

The Boards of the Division have positions for which they hope to use to bolster awareness of Board work for the Division. The Board of Publication offers an associate position and the Board of Trustees offers a Leadership Development Program, these help them appoint members with some experience and also help to educate the interested parties of how Board appointments work.

In the future, the Division is planning to offer leadership training to members who are interested in serving on committees. This is a new concept and it may evolve further than what I outline here. The nature of these funds will be to assist the awardees with their travel expenses to participate in ACS Leadership courses, typically offered at ACS National meetings. In addition, the awardees will be asked to apply for service on a committee or to be newly engaged in service on a committee.

In all of these opportunities, the one thing that is clear to me is that the Division needs your involvement! We need people who are willing to take that extra step to find out more about the ACS and who are willing to consider what we can do together when we are engaged in Divisional activities. The mission of DivCHED is: To engage its global network of members by communicating, promoting and effectively identifying opportunities and resources responsive to the spectrum of chemistry teaching and learning environments. There are many pathways toward helping us achieve this mission.

Why not give one a go?

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