From the Chair, MaryKay Orgill, Spring 2017

Recently, a friend gave me a wall hanging that she said reminded her of me:

I’m pretty sure that she was referring to my tendency, as a cyclist, to tackle challenging hills and courses; but I couldn’t help but think about how the saying relates to some of the recent changes that have taken place or are taking place in the Division of Chemical Education.

Over the past few years, the leadership of the Division has taken on some challenging, uphill battles. For example, they have started the process of professionalizing the business of the Division by hiring experts to take care of our administrative and financial obligations. They have educated us about our fiduciary responsibilities. They have reorganized several committees and made resources available—such as videoconferencing capabilities—to support the work of those committees. As a Division, we are currently reviewing and revising our Division bylaws so that our practices will be consistent with our legal documents. In the fall, we will begin the process of updating our Division Operations Manual.

None of this is easy. It’s an uphill journey, but it’s an uphill journey along the right path. Each of these tasks advance the Division and its abilities to serve its members, and we in the Chair Succession are sincerely grateful for each of you that have helped us accomplish—or are helping us accomplish—those tasks. Struggling uphill toward higher ground is much easier when you are working with and supported by your friends!

MaryKay Orgill
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
2017 DivCHED Chair

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