From the Secretary/Councilor, Dan King, Spring 2017

Greetings to all.  I’m excited and nervous as I start my new position as Secretary of the Division.  I know that I have big shoes to fill, and I thank Resa Kelly for sharing her time and knowledge to help me figure out what I’m supposed to be doing and how to do it.  When I first joined the Division, I never expected that I would serve in this position.  To be honest, a year ago, I didn’t expect that I would be in this position.  Hopefully this inspires other members to get involved with the Division.  All you have to do is volunteer.  We are always looking for people who want to contribute. 

Congratulations to the newly elected DivCHED Officers:  Cheryl Frech (Chair-elect), Dan King (Secretary), Iona Black (Councilor), Marilyne Stains (Alternate Councilor), and Deanna Cullen (Member at Large).  Thank you also to the other candidates who agreed to run for each position.

At the Spring Meeting, we will be starting the arduous task of reviewing and revising the Division bylaws and operations manual.  The goals of this process are to ensure that these documents accurately represent the work that is currently being done by the Division and to make any necessary changes to improve the effectiveness of the Division.  Work has already begun and will continue in San Francisco on the Friday before the Meeting.  We’ll keep you updated as the process moves forward.

I thank you for this opportunity, and I will do my best to help the Division continue to move forward.  If there is anything that I (or we as a Division) can do to improve your experience in the Division, please let me know.  If you are making the trip to San Francisco, I hope to see you at the DivCHED social reception on Sunday evening.

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