View from the Program Chair, Andy Marsh, Spring 2018

As I eagerly (and nervously!) anticipate my first national meeting as program chair, I want to take time to say thank you to Irv Levy, who not only served as the lead CHED Program Chair from 2011-2016, but also stepped into the role briefly during the transition last year.  Irv has been a tremendous help with all things related to the Program Committee, particularly with putting together the program for the upcoming spring meeting.

Right around the corner is the 255th ACS National Meeting in New Orleans, LA from March 18-22, 2017.  Nicole Snyder and Carmen Valdez Gauthier are your meeting co-chairs, and, along with Irv Levy, they have assembled an exciting program.  Our meeting program will be held in the New Orleans Downtown Marriott at the Convention Center.  It features 40 symposia, along with the Undergraduate Research Posters, with 7 to 8 concurrent sessions each half-day for the entire meeting, including Thursday morning!  For a number of these sessions, CHED is honored to host three ACS award symposia: the George C. Pimentel Award in Chemistry Education (Pratibha Varma-Nelson); the ACS-CEI Award for Incorporating Sustainability into Chemistry Education (Vicki Grassian, Muhamad Hugerat, Rachel Mamlok-Naaman, Jane Wissinger, Anne Marteel Parrish); and the ACS Award for Achievement in Research for the Teaching and Learning of Chemistry (George Bodner).  We will also be host to a state-of-the-art symposium in New Orleans entitled “State of the Art: Two Decades Advancing the 12 Principles of Green Chemistry”.  Thanks go to John Warner for bringing these speakers to our division as part of our program.  For those of you who might have an idea for a state-of-the-art symposium for the future, please let us know!

We are fortunate to have Sherri Rukes as our organizer for the Chemistry Teachers Day (formally High School) program.  We will have the traditional Sunday AM session/luncheon/PM session format.  The luncheon is now called the “Chemistry Educators Luncheon” to emphasize that both secondary and post-secondary educators are welcome.  For pre-college teachers who want to get extra content especially designed for their use, Polymer Ambassador Sherri Rukes will once again provide a program for teachers on Monday night at the meeting, a popular session which has become a standard element at national meetings.  In addition, the James Bryant Conant Award (Brian Kennedy) will be given during the Chemistry Teachers Day.

There are always individuals behind the scenes that provide critical support for our programming at a national meeting.  Many thanks to the ACS staff who take care of a number of things that keep our meetings organized and make them worthwhile.  Special thanks go to Robin Green, Nicole DiFabio, Jessica Roberts, and Vernar Beatty for their contributions.  I would also like to mention Heather Johnson for all her work at the Division level.  Quality meetings would not happen without the contributions of all of these individuals.

The Call for Papers for the Fall 2018 ACS National Meeting in Boston has already gone out. Patrick Daubenmire and Deborah Bromfield Lee have put together an engaging set of symposia.  We hope you will submit an abstract to join us in Boston.  The deadline for submission to is March 26, 2018.

The CHED Program Committee is here to produce programming at national meetings that is useful, relevant, and serves the needs of Division members.  If you have suggestions for improving the program, please let us know what you would like to see.  If you’d like to volunteer to help out, we are always looking for symposia organizers for upcoming national meetings, as well as prospective committee members.  Please do not hesitate to contact me ( with your ideas.  I look forward to seeing you in New Orleans!

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