New Member Committee, Winter 2011

Deborah Herrington,

The New Member Committee is continuing to organize and support activities to assist and welcome new members to the Division as well as look for new ways to address the needs of new members. Towards this goal, we are currently working on putting together the 3rd BCCE New Member Welcome Brown Bag Lunch at Penn State in 2012. It is currently scheduled for Monday July 30, 2012 during the lunch hour. If you are planning to attend the 2012 BCCE, be sure to join us! Whether you are brand new to the Division or have been a member for a while, everyone is welcome to attend. This is a great place to meet other division members with similar interests, learn more about the Division, and find out how you can become more involved with the Division. Efforts by the NMC members will ensure that we have good representation from DivCHED committees, advisory boards, and the Executive committee so that you can get all the information you need. Based on feedback from the event at the 2010 BCCE in Denton, TX, we are planning to have a few “theme” tables to gather people of common interests and then several general tables for those who just want to come and learn more about the Division in general. Currently our ideas for the theme tables are High School, Two-year College, JCE, Chemical Education Research, and Exams Institute. If you have any other suggestions for theme table, please contact the NMC chair (Debbie Herrington).

Another focus of the NMC this year has been to try and meet and hear from more of our members. For the 2011 spring national meeting in Anaheim, the NMC sent out emails personally inviting all of the new members in the Division to join us at the Sunday night CHED Social. All NMC members attending the meeting were on hand at the CHED Social to meet and greet as many new members to the Division as possible. We plan to continue this for the CHED Social at the 2012 spring national meeting. Additionally, with the help of Heather Johnson, we have also been able to meet some of our new members virtually through the Division Facebook site. Heather has done a great job of making sure that deadlines, job postings, conferences, etc. that are of interest to our members are posted on the site. We encourage all of our members, if you have not already, to join the Division Facebook group and let us know what we can do to better serve our membership and help keep us all informed by posting information that is important to the Chemical Education community.

As always, any ideas about how we can further meet the needs of our new members are always welcome. You can send them to a member of the NMC or, if you are planning to attend the spring meeting in San Diego, you can plan to join us at our annual meeting. Check our webpage ( for the date, time and location of the meeting.

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