From the Secretary/Councilor, Resa Kelly, Winter 2011

Electronic Elections
In fall, 2011, we conducted our third electronic ballot for the Division, using the vendor Vote-Net, Inc.  An email containing a link to permit viewing of the candidates and a link to biographies and information about where to read the Bylaw revisions was included.  Those without valid e-mail addresses received a post-card with the same information. All members had the option of requesting a paper ballot or of printing out their ballot and sending it by post, but none did so. During the election reminders were sent out to those who had not voted.

The graph below shows the number of total votes as they came into the system. A total of 1366 people voted, which is slightly less than 2010 (1428), but still above paper-only years. Approximately 27.2% of the Division participated in the voting. Voters were permitted to submit comments with their ballot and most expressed satisfaction with the electronic voting experience; however, some were frustrated that the candidate biographies were not organized by the position for which the candidates were running.  The biographies were listed in alphabetical order, which presented some challenges. Some individuals expressed frustration with the lengthy Bylaw document and found it confusing to read through all of the changes when many of the changes were structural in nature. A few requested that only an explanation of the Bylaw changes be provided instead of the entire document in future elections. Finally, there was some concern that all of the candidates running for election were professors, and thus it did not feel very inclusive.ACS CHED Election Graph

The election results revealed that the newly elected members of the Executive Committee are: Frank Torre - Chair-Elect, Anna Wilson- Treasurer, and Ellen Yezierski -Councilor and Laura Pence - Alternate Councilor. Thank you to all who ran and voted. In addition to the office positions, Bylaw changes were also approved. Specifically, the Bylaws now state that the Program Chair, Chair of the Board of Publications, and Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Examination Institute are now members of the Executive Committee. The Journal of Chemical Education Editor and the Examinations Institute Director are now non-voting members of the Executive Committee.

Are more Bylaw changes likely? The answer - most likely. At the Denver National Meeting, the Executive Committee discussed the need for additional changes to the Bylaws to improve clarity and more accurately reflect Division operations. These changes will likely be addressed at future National meetings. Stay tuned!

In closing, I would like to invite all members to join the ACS Division of Chemical Education on Facebook. This is a great way to socially connect with your peers in Chemical Education, and keep up with the latest news.

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