From the Chair-Elect, Frank Torre, Winter 2012

Frank Torre (

As I look at the calendar, I find that I have about a month left before taking over as Chair of the Division of Chemical Education. It has been a quick eleven months that have passed by. I think that it has something to do with Einstein little know fourth law of relativity, which is that time goes by faster as one gets older! I have had the benefit of working with current chair, George Bodner, who becomes past chair on January 1, and Arlene Russell, the current past chair. The chair succession scheme that is part of our leadership is an excellent way for the chair-elect to learn how to manage the issues that come before the executive committee. I have benefited greatly from the wisdom and guidance of George and Arlene. I also look forward to working with Don Wink the incoming chair-elect. I hope that I can do as good a job for him and you, as George has done for me and the division.

Speaking of issues that one has to deal with, I have recently returned from a finance committee meeting held in Chicago (11/16-11/17). The Division underwent an audit of its finances performed by an accounting firm. The audit identified material deficiencies in our financial management. As a result of the audit, the finance committee at its Philadelphia meeting organized the meeting in Chicago to develop action items to bring before the executive committee. It is my pleasure to report to you that under the leadership of Arlene Russell, a group of hard working division members, representing the Exams Institute, the Journal of Chemical Education and the Division (“the entities”), labored for a day and half to craft an action plan that we believe will put the Division on the road to complying with the generally accepted accounting principles.

We realized that as the Division has grown and our resources have increased that volunteer members were no longer capable of managing the division’s finances. Professional accountants are part of the proposed solution. We are also recommending that all of the Divisions entities use the same accounting software and chart of accounts. We are working diligently to insure a speedy implementation of the accounting changes and look forward to resolving our problems.

I wish everyone happy holidays!

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