2021 Middle Atlantic Regional Meeting of the ACS (MARM 2021)


MARM 2021 MARM 2021 is going virtual! Co-hosted by the University of Delaware and the Delaware ACS, MARM 2021 will showcase the richness of chemistry in the Middle Atlantic and beyond. Bringing together scientists in a virtual format, MARM will be a premier event for scientific discussions and networking. The conference is June 9–11, 2021. Chemagination will be on June 12, 2021. MARM is dedicated to equity, justice, diversity, and inclusion. We strive to provide a harassment-free experience for everyone. All communication should be professional.

Here are a few symposia that will be of particular interest to members of the Chemical Education division: 

  • Profs. Joe Fox and Stephen Habay are organizing an invited symposium, “Excellence in Organic Chemistry and Chemical Biology Research with Undergraduates.” 
  • Prof. Stephen Habay is organizing an invited symposium, “Alternative Grading in the Chemistry Curriculum."
  • There will also be opportunities for contributed talks and posters (including an undergraduate-only poster session) on Chemical Education.