Message from the Treasurer, Rick Moog, Spring 2021

The past year has been one of transitions in many ways, and for me one of the biggest transitions was to move into the position of Treasurer that David Licata has so admirably filled over the past three years. Many thanks to David for all of his efforts to keep the Division moving in the right direction financially throughout his term. He provided me with a very detailed document describing what I needed to do and how it had been done so that the transition would be as smooth as possible. Best wishes to David in his retirement!

This year also brought a transition in our financial support team. For the past three years, Patty Lawrence and Heather Good of TurboExecs provided financial and business management support to the Division and the Board of Publication in an efficient and reliable manner. We greatly appreciate their work in establishing more standard and consistent Division financial practices and helping members of the Finance Committee and the Executive Committee better understand our financial situation. As of January 1, Mike Dolence of Blue Moon Consulting has taken over these responsibilities. We are very pleased to welcome Mike to our team!

In the coming years the Division will continue to be operating with financial restraint as we continue to move toward a balanced operating budget. I look forward to working with the Finance Committee and the Executive Committee as we continue to support the outstanding work of our community while establishing a financial model that will best enable us to continue to do so into the future.