Report from Secretary Dan King, Fall 2020

Greetings! I hope everyone is staying safe during these difficult times. After a challenging spring term for many of us, I know that we were hoping that things would be improving by now. Unfortunately, that is not the case. The uncertainty associated with the return to classes (however that will look for you) creates a tremendous amount of stress. If the Division can provide any help or support, please let us know.

During the month of September, the Division election will be held. As we did last year, we will be using Survey Monkey for the election. We hope that it will run as smoothly as it has in the past. Please be sure to let me know if there are any problems with the ballot or the election process. Here is the slate for this year’s election.

Chair-elect: Robert (Bob) Pribush and Vicente Talanquer

Treasurer: W. Gary Hollis, Jr. and Rick Moog

Councilor/Alternate Councilor: Roxie Allen, Marty Perry, Clarissa Sorensen-Unruh, Steven Fleming

Best of luck and thanks to all of the candidates for volunteering to serve the Division.

Moving forward, we encourage all members who are interested in running for a position or nominating someone to run for a position to email me ( or the Chair of CPN (Committee on Personnel and Nominations) (Gail Webster, If you would like to get more involved in the Division before running for a position, volunteering to serve on one of the Division committees would be a great place to start. We would be happy to help you to identify a committee that aligns with your interest and/or expertise.

Congratulations to the 12 Division members who have been named as ACS Fellows this year. You will be able to find a list of them on the Division website.

While we won’t be together in San Francisco, I hope to see some of you virtually during the DivCHED Social Hour. Best of luck in the upcoming academic year!