View From The Past Chair

Irvin J. Levy, Past ChairI write on the day that I had originally planned as a travel day to Philadelphia for our national meeting. Of course, everything has changed. It is no longer the International Year of the Periodic Table and the ACS has cancelled a national meeting for the first time in its history; sadly, it will take over 100 years for ACS to break its record of uninterrupted meetings that ended this spring. Many people are in my thoughts as the meeting-that-will-not-occur nears. I feel especially sad for the undergraduates who come to a national meeting and are often blinded by science and energized in their trajectory for a very fulfilling career. I also have special empathy toward the many organizers whose countless hours of, mostly volunteer, effort have now been laid waste by a novel virus. After spending 10 years as the program chair in the division, I am fairly well acquainted with the seemingly endless myriad tasks that fall upon the organizers. I can only say, in a heartfelt way, thank you! Your service to the Division and to the world of chemistry is very meaningful. I especially want to mention Patrick Daubenmire, the current program chair for the Division and the two CHED meeting organizers for Philly, Craig Teague and Denyce Wicht. And not to be forgotten, Nicole DiFabio at ACS and her team who organized the hundreds of undergraduate posters. Thank you all. 

But there is hope in the air. Which you can partake of from a safe social distance!  We are heading toward another special year. 2021 is the year that we can celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Division of Chemical Education. Let’s all plan to gather and celebrate as we move from the concerns of COVID-19 and back to a new normal.

Good luck with your online classes. 

Stay safe and well. With my very best wishes,


Irvin J. Levy, ACSF, FRSC, Immediate past chair