DivCHED serves as a means of focusing and enhancing the interests and efforts of all constituencies involved in the teaching and learning of chemistry at every level.
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-Chemical Education News & Announcements-

Welcome to the ACS Division of Chemical Education website. Here you can keep up-to-date with activities, news, and opportunities in chemical education. Do you have something interesting you'd like to share with the Division?
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Abstract submission for the Spring 2015 ACS National Meeting in Denver, CO

Greetings from the DivCHED program organizers for the spring 2015 national meeting in Denver!

Please be reminded of an important deadline - The new MAPS system will close to authors for the CHED symposia on Monday, November 3 at midnight.

Did you know that, for a normal national meeting, more than 50% of the DivCHED abstracts are submitted during the last four days before the deadline? That period of the Friday before the deadline through the Monday deadline is typically a very stressful time for authors and organizers.

ACS Division of Chemical Education International Travel Award

The Division of Chemical Education funds a Travel Award each year in support of a division member who presents and fully participates in an international chemical education conference held outside the U. S.

Why I chose an instructor position after graduation

by Daniel Cruz-Ramírez de Arellano, Ph.D.

A little over a year ago I graduated from a doctoral program in chemistry education research. It was a long road filled with challenges and triumphs. Of course, it is easy to generically call them “challenges and triumphs” when one is looking back on an already completed goal; but when one is living it, going through the daily trials, the process might seem more arduous than what was anticipated. In order to keep my motivation up, I found it extremely helpful to keep my eye on the prize, to constantly remind myself why I had decided to embark on the journey through graduate school. In my case, I wanted to be a college professor.

DivCHED Committee on Safety

DivCHED has a long history of working the Chemical Health and Safety (CHAS) division over the years. The creation of a standing committee on Safety within the committee structure of DivCHED has been suggested. The goals of this committee would be determined by a small working group of interested members of DivCHED who would put together a proposal that could be sent to the DivCHED Executive Committee for their consideration. If you would be interested in being a member of that working group, please contact Dave Finster at dfinster@wittenberg.edu.

Chemistry Education Research: New and Noteworthy in 2013-2014" symposium

Have you published a chemistry education research article in the past two years in a peer reviewed journal? If so, we are interested in your participating in the Chemical Education Research Committee’s  invitation-only symposium to be held at the Spring meeting of the American Chemical Society in Denver, CO from March 22—26th.

The deadline for the 2015 DivCHED Travel Award application is September 15, 2014

The Division of Chemical Education is now accepting online applications for the 2015 DivCHED Travel Award. This service grants financial support to members for travel to meetings. Up to 12 members will receive the award this year. The DivCHED Travel Award provides up to 80% of travel expenses for one meeting with a limit of $1,000 for the Spring 2015 National ACS Meeting. To be considered for this award, you must be in at least your third year as a member of the Division of Chemical Education at the time of application.

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