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Alex Grushow, Chair
Erica Posthuma
Thomas Jose 
Matthew Mio
Melissa Reeves
David Smorodin

Ex Officio Members
Rick Moog
Amiee Modic
Kimberly (Linenberger) Cortes

Institute Contacts:
Kristen Murphy, Institute Director
Julie Adams, Business Manager


The Board of Trustees of the ACS Examinations Institute is entrusted with establishing policies for all aspects of Institute operations and appointment of a Director.  The Board’s primary duties are fiduciary. Using reports from the Director and other sources, the Board monitors operating budgets, income, investments, hosting agreements, protection of intellectual property, accounting, audits, and taxes.

The Board consists of nine voting members, three of whom serve in an ex-officio capacity and six others who are appointed by the Executive Committee of DivCHED. Ex-officio members shall be: one member of the Chair's succession of the Division of Chemical Education, the Member-at-Large for the Division, and the Treasurer of the Division. Appointed members serve three-year terms and can serve multiple terms if reappointed by the Executive Committee.


ACS National Meetings
Saturday 7:30 AM - 12:00 PM (OPEN)

Activities and Highlights

The Board has ensured the continuity of the work of the Institute over the last several years by providing for smooth succession of the Directorship, maintaining agreements with hosting institutions, and overseeing the development of the current business office in Colorado. In addition, the Board continues to provide advice and consent about budgetary and operational matters of the Institute.