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Alena Moon, Chair 
Ginger Szymczak Shultz, Co-chair 
Ryan Stowe, Co-chair 
Nikita Burrows 
Melanie Cooper 
Gina Frey 
Barbara Gonzalez 
Regis Komperda 
Alexey Leontyev 
Cynthia Luxford 
Justin Pratt 
Courtney Stanford 


Purpose: The mission of the Chemical Education Research (CER) Committee is to inform educators about chemical education research and to foster scholarship and encourage improvement in the quality of chemistry education research.

Vision: The CER committee endeavors to provide 1) a variety of avenues for chemical educators to learn about chemical education research, 2) platforms for the dissemination of research, and 3) highlights of work and methods within the field.

Composition: The committee is composed of a chair, co-chair, a secretary, and 9 additional members. The committee sustains several sub-committees, some containing non-members (referred to as the ‘friends of CERC’). Members serve 3-year terms and can serve for up to two consecutive terms. The chair and co-chair provide recommendations to the Committee on Personnel and Nominations for new and replacement positions as they become available annually.


ACS National Meeting
Sunday 12:00PM - 1:30PM (OPEN)

Activities and Highlights

Moderate the CER listserv hosted on the DivCHED-X server – The purpose of the listserve is to provide postings of relevant, timely information appropriate to help chemistry education researchers and scholars advance the field of chemistry education.

co-Sponsor the Undergraduate Poster award with YCES – this award is intended to recognize the advances of young scholars in the field of chemistry education research.

Symposium Organization

  • Research in Chemistry Education – Fall and Spring ACS meetings and BCCE These symposia provide a broad forum for chemistry education research including but not limited to quantitative, qualitative, mixed methods, and action research studies.
  • New and Noteworthy – Spring ACS meetings The purpose of the symposium is to highlight up to four exemplary papers that were published the preceding year.
  • Research to Practice – Fall ACS meetings or the BCCE The purpose of the symposium is to present a set of linked talks regarding a research-based practice and its implementation in a learning environment.

The ACS CHED-CER Webinar series aims to provide the CER community with a platform for engaging in discussion and debate about pressing issues, methodological questions, and cutting-edge research in chemistry education research.


Document updated September 2018