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Safety Committee


Wietstock, Steve, chair 
Arbuckle-Keil, Georgia 
He, Yunteng 
Kuespert, Daniel 
Lassiter, Mark 
Maeyer, Jenine 
Rezsnyak, Chad 
Walther, Laura


Mission: To provide resources and strategies to chemical and science educators in order to prepare chemists and others to function safely when using chemicals.

Vision: Education that embeds accurate chemical safety instruction at all educational levels.


The Safety Committee meets on Sunday afternoons at each national ACS Meeting. Virtual attendance for members who cannot be physically present is usually available. These meetings are open to the community.

Activities and Highlights

The committee regularly arranges and sponsors symposia at national ACS meetings and the BCCE. These are often co-sponsored with the Committee on Chemical Safety (CCS) and the Division of Chemical Health and Safety (CHAS).

Committee members routinely collaborate with CCS on major projects related to chemical safety issues in chemical education.

Several Committee members participated in the 2019 ACS Safety Summit where the topic was Safety Education. One project arising from this Summit was assigned to the Committee: Developing a rubric for assessing safety case studies and lessons learned reports.

Several committee members prepared the Exams Institute 2019 version of the Chemical Health and Safety Exam.


Document updated September 2018