DivCHED Chemical Education Research Webinar Series

The ACS CHED-CER Webinar series aims to provide the CER community with a platform for engaging in discussion and debate about pressing issues, methodological questions, and cutting-edge research in chemistry education research. The series invites people with a variety of backgrounds, interests, and experiences to join these discussions!

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Assessment in Biology and Chemistry Education

Discussion with Melanie Cooper and Ross Nehm on what, why, and how to access in chemistry and biology education.

Concept Inventories

The third Webinar of the series organized by the ACS Chemistry Education Research (CER) Committee to support the advancement of chemistry education features a conversation and discussion between professors Stacey Lowery Bretz (CER) and Michael Klymkowsky (BER) on Concept Inventories. 

How to...make people's thinking visible?

Ellen Yezierski
Professor, Chemistry
Miami University

In Pursuit of Connections to the Submicroscopic Level - It's not about the Visualizations

Resa M. Kelly, Ph.D.
San Jose State University