From the Immediate Past Chair, Dawn DelCarlo, Spring 2021

It’s difficult to believe that almost exactly one year ago, many of us simply had no idea what awaited us.  I certainly had not anticipated my time as Chair to be mostly consumed with managing the necessary adjustments to Division business due to a global pandemic. I cannot express the amount of gratitude I feel toward everyone who helped continue to move the Division forward during this time. 

In that vein, there are many updates with regard to both the Division and the national ACS that have been included in this newsletter.  Please do take the time to read through the newsletter and reach out to officers (Chairs, Councilors, Local/Regional Officers, etc.) with questions and feedback.  This newsletter also includes information about Spring 2021 Business meetings, which are being held in March, separate from the Virtual National Meeting.  I highly encourage Division members to use this as an opportunity to familiarize yourself with (and maybe even get involved in) DivCHED activities. If there is one advantage that has come out of our shift to online meetings, it is the ability to make Division business more accessible to our members who are not typically available to travel to national meetings. Due to this as well as budgetary considerations, ExCom plans to conduct Division Governance virtually at least once per year even after National meetings “return to normal.”  Hopefully this will allow more Division members to attend and contribute to Division committees. As a primarily volunteer organization, any and all contributions are welcome!

Finally, as I begin my final year in the Chair succession, I am confident that we are moving in a positive direction.  My successor, Stacey Lowery Bretz, has taken the reins (in a peaceful transition of power) and has hit the ground running in getting Divisional business organized. I am excited to work with her and Chair-Elect, Vicente Talanquer, this year as we continue to move the Division forward during these very interesting times. I wish you all peace and health and hope to “see” you in Division meetings!