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International Activities Committee


Nakamura, Akiko, Chair 
Bhattacharyya, Shreya 
Brown, Corina 
C├ęspedes-Camacho, Isaac 
Hoover, Diana 
Lapeyrouse, Nicole 
Leontyev, Alexey 
Mendez, James D. 
Ryan, Stephanie 
Villafane-Garcia, Sachel 
Villalta-Cerdas, Adrian


As the International Activities Committee of the Division of Chemical Education, our aim is to engage and connect with other networks of chemistry educators with global interests. Through these networks, we will exchange ideas about chemistry education research and practices that promote equity and diversity in chemistry education.

Activities and Highlights
  • Host symposia and events both in and out of the United States, wherein the co-organizers will consist of one veteran DivCHED IAC member, one new DivCHED IAC member and one international ACS DivCHED member.
  • Disseminate information pertaining to international events through our DivCHED website and social media.
  • Support global research interests by offering a yearly travel award in the amount of $2000 to support an ACS DivCHED member to attend international meetings.
  • Promote and arrange collaborations.

Document updated September 2018